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Spinal Manipulation

To improve and restore proper joint mobility and thus overall body function and mechanics.


Proper diet and nutrition is vital in the recovery and performance process. Having the property nutrition, including vitamins, clean water and air can help you achieve your optimal health.

Myofascial Release Therapy

Focus on restoring proper muscle and fascial function. Techniques includes Graston , A.R.T. and Theragun. We also have a dedicated massage therapist to co-manage your muscle issues.

Massage Therapy

Full body or customized massage, focusing on restoring proper muscle function.


Ask us about our posture product and how it can help improve your posture and overall function.

Cold Laser

Cold laser therapy is low-intensity laser therapy that stimulates healing while using low levels of light. It is safe and does not produce any harm to the body.


Electrical stimulation and ultrasound are used to help speed up recovery time.


Comprehensive neurological, strength and stretching program to improve overall function and health. Including kinesio taping, custom orthotics, and intelliskin products to help achieve those goals.

Kinesio Tape

Focus on improving movement pattern, decreasing pain and inflammation. Ask us how we use kinesio tape to improve your function.

Custom Orthotics

Ask us about our custom orthotics and how it can help relief your back pain, knee pain, and foot pain.

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Successful stories
and client testimonials

Amazing service!

It’s helpful to have a provider who is thorough both in the office visit and the follow up contact. I’ve already recomended to friends and family.

Jasmine Ericsson

Helped me a lot

Not only was I having problems with my back but my leg was numb and weak. They treated me for my lower back pain and its gone!

Katelin Lee

Awesome chiropractor

The hours are great, and I didn’t have to wait long, what I also like about your office is that you are up-to-date with state-of the-art equipment.

Andrew Sempers

My energy is back

They gave me much more than health – they gave me my life back. One that I can still enjoy with my family and my children.

Katharyn Jackson

Best rehabilitation ever!

Not only am I out of pain, I am a lot stronger and more confident with everything I do.

Alesia Courtney

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